About Geovironment Consulting

Discover how we got started in the world of CEQA/NEPA approvals and GIS consulting.

Our History

Although we were founded in 2011, our story begins long before that. Our founder, Andy Minor, came from a background in potato farming. During his time in such an agricultural environment, he sharpened his expertise in the science and research behind geographical areas. 

Upon realizing how many organizations, cities, and municipalities needed help with their regulatory approval processes or GIS departments, Andy put his expertise to use and founded Geovironment Solutions. Still passionate to this day about the ways of the land, Andy aims to make his services increasingly accessible to companies and cities operating today.

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Mission & Vision

We’re on a mission to help developers stay compliant while enabling cities to be more efficient and current with the latest technology trends.


Our Team

Andy Minor

Principal GIS Specialist

Carmen Gardner

Environmental Planner

Jay Sander

Professional Archaeologist

Matthew Hyland

GIS Analyst